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Birthday Parties

🎉 Make your child’s birthday unforgettable with Party Paws Mobile Zoo! 🐾 Watch as your little one beams with joy surrounded by adorable ringtail lemurs and other friendly animals. Our interactive animal encounters will create cherished memories for years to come. Book now and bring the magic of the zoo right to your doorstep! 🎂🐒 #PartyPawsMobileZoo



Corporate BBQs/Picnics

🎉 Spice up your corporate picnics and BBQs with Party Paws Mobile Zoo! 🌭🐾 Watch as our adorable animals bring joy and laughter to your team, creating unforgettable memories for everyone. From friendly encounters to interactive experiences, our furry friends will make your event truly special. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to bond with colleagues and create a positive work environment. Book now and let the fun begin! 🎈🐶 #PartyPaws

#CorporateEvents #TeamBuilding 🎉🐾

Corporate Events

🌟 Elevate your corporate event with Party Paws Mobile Zoo! 🐾 Our captivating
animal encounters featuring fascinating creatures like the North American
Alligator are sure to delight guests of all ages. Watch as smiles light up the room
as your team interacts with our charming animals. Book now to add an
unforgettable touch to your next corporate gathering! 🐊✨ #PartyPaws

#MobileZoo #CorporateEvents 🎉🐾

Employee Enrichment

🌟 Ignite employee engagement with Party Paws Mobile Zoo! 🐾 Elevate your enrichment events with captivating encounters featuring majestic creatures like our Blue and Gold Macaw. Witness as Jenna and our charming animals spread joy and inspire teamwork among your team. Book now to bring a smile to your employees’ faces and create unforgettable memories!

🦜✨ #PartyPaws #EmployeeEnrichment #MobileZoo 🎉🐾

Animal Fun Parties

🎉 Let your imagination run wild at Party Paws Mobile Zoo’s adult-themed parties! 🐾
Join Jenna, Michael, and our enchanting animals dressed in fantasy costumes for an
unforgettable experience. Dive into a world of magic and wonder as you celebrate with
friends and furry companions. Don’t miss out—book now and create memories that will
last a lifetime! 🦄🌟

#PartyPaws #AdultParties #FantasyFun 🎈🐾

Tactile Education Programs

🌟 Ignite curiosity and learning with Party Paws Mobile Zoo’s tactile education programs! 📚🐾 Our interactive sessions bring the wonders of nature to life, captivating children’s imaginations and fostering a love for animals. From hands-on encounters to engaging activities, our furry friends inspire laughter and learning in equal measure. Don’t miss the chance to spark curiosity and create lasting memories. Book our educational programs today and watch your children’s faces light up with joy! 🌈🐰 #PartyPaws #Education #HandsOnLearning 🌟🐾

Film & Movies

Do you need a trained animal for your next film project? Wildlife Command Center is the perfect choice for you. Animals can add a genuine feel to any scene. Do you need a rattlesnake to get that western desert feel? A mischief of rats for the big city? Whatever it is, WE CAN TRAIN IT!

Animals add wonder and awe to any film project: movies, music videos, advertisements, whenever you need that “WOW” factor, we can help. Our team of animal trainers and handlers is accommodating and ready to meet your needs. Our staff has been working with animals for many years and we know how animals of all shapes and sizes behave under different conditions and stimuli. We work hard everyday to make sure our animal performers get the proper diet, exercise, grooming, and training. All of our animals are handled daily to ensure that they stay calm around all types of environments and people. If you are looking for animals for your next production and an experienced staff to help you get the perfect shot, call Wildlife Command Center